My Sister the Mural Artist

In the past, I have mentioned that my sister is an artist. She now has on online portfolio showcasing some of her work on Crevado: you can find her portfolio through this link.

One of the things that she has enjoyed greatly is creating murals and wall art in a variety of settings.

In this first example, she traveled with a team on a mission trip to a Deaf School in Honduras. One aim of the trip was to assist with a needed addition to the existing school. My sister was given the general plan and guidelines for the wall spaces to paint, and collaborated with another artist on the work required to create a colorful and cheerful atmosphere for the school children.

Here are some pictures of the work they did:

This mural was painted in the bathroom area in the new addition.

Here is a view down the main hallway of the new addition.

Next, when her church was preparing a performance of 'The Last Supper,' she created the backdrop based on that famous work of art of the same name by Leonardo da Vinci.

She has also painted murals for children's rooms.

This one is a fun 'nouveau barnyard' look, with brightly painted animal spots on the walls.

Here is another mural with a fun ocean theme:

I will be posting more of her pictures as she completes more work! 
If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, and would like a mural painted for your home or office or church, etc.,  Heather may be contacted through heathersmurals@gmail.com.

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