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Baseball in Texas   by Heather Bruce Harper

Since baseball has always been one of my sister's favorite sports, the fondness of it spilled over into her art. The picture drawn here is that of a young man she knew in high school.

The Wind-Up (Bart) by Heather Bruce Harper

Contemplation. © Heather Bruce Harper
It's funny...my sister and I often get asked if we're twins. (I am older.) It happened when we were kids, here and there since then, and it happened just the other day in Taco Bell. And another time in Hobby Lobby. We have this inside joke, because we get asked that question so often when we are together, that our mom was in fact in labor for two years and we really are twins. (Poor Mom.) Maybe having two older brothers and being the two youngest children bonded us, even though my sister would say that I picked on her mercilessly in our childhood. (Guilty. And I seem so mild-mannered. ha) We are Sagittarius and Aquarius, and those two signs have a lot in common, if you believe in that stuff. Maybe we are just on a similar philosophical path. Whatever the case, it is nice to have a sister who is also a really good friend, someone who 'gets' you. And gets your jokes, that's nice too.

 One area where we differ is that she has an intense interest in sports that we attribute to our dad.  Don't get me wrong - I'm just not that knowledgeable about it. Growing up, she bonded with Dad in watching football and baseball, or going fishing - things of that nature.  My bonds with my Dad were more in the area of him reading a book, and wanting to discuss it with me. So he and I bonded more over ideas I think. Where I think my sister and I both really bonded with our dad was through Art, which he also enjoyed greatly.

My sister drew the Baseball In Texas picture shown above, based on her love for baseball, inspired by her Alma Mater. Does the burnt orange give that away? And of course I would venture to say inspired by our Dad in his way. (UT was also his Alma Mater - another bond they share.)

I asked to take a picture of it before it changes hands to its new owner very soon. I'm not into nepotism; I just know that my sister has talent and that's all there is to it. 

Here is a recent pendant design for a jazz fan:

Jazz Trumpet pendant by Heather Bruce Harper

To see more of her art, you can find her at her Crevado Online Portfolio.

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